The Royal Rangers are a 'Holdfast' regiment online community. Forged in blistering battle thier formidable marksmanship and cold steel combat prowess are the lament of lesser lines. Boasting one of the communities highest attendances and involvement, they still maintain a proffesional edge of organisation shoulder to shoulder with a collective humour of dank meme, borderline offensive ribbing to dubious dad jokes. The ubiquitous rag tag gang of misfits and lovable rogues.

The Royal Rangers, or TRR are a fun loving regiment, in which you can find a welcoming community, a well structured command system and best of all people who are willing to just chill out and talk. We are predominantly casual however we are participating in a more competitive league with over 350+ members & a variety of different games our Discord offers Join today to become a Royal Ranger!

✪ We have 4 different Companies! Each of which are willing to take on new members and all have different skillsets, you will find something perfect for you!

✪ Want to be a cog in the great war machine on the battlefield? Grab a musket and a bayonet and be the perfect soldier in Infantry!

✪ Want to be an elite rifleman on the field? Take the necessary shots to dismantle and dismember hostile lines and their formations in the Rifle Corps!

✪ Want to be a weapon of mass destruction? Wipe out lines and support the fighters on the field with the Artillery Battery!

✪ Want to be the helping hand on the field of battle? Be the God sent gift from above with your healing hand, rallying music or triumphant flag waving in the Auxiliary!

❃ Non Deficere

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