The Royal Rangers

The Royal Rangers have 4 companies available to all members of the regiment to join! We have the New England Guards Infantry Company, 2nd Royal Rifle Corps, 3rd Royal Auxiliary Brigade, and the 4th Royal Artillery Battery


Commanding Officer: 
Major MrKekskopf


Commanding Officer: 
Rifle Major Anthony

The Royal Ranger Infantry company is the heart and backbone of the regiment. Marching, shooting and taking all the glory is what we do best. Long, medium and short range engagements are how we take our battles and hold the line. When the charge is called, we form ranks and charge towards our enemies bayonets lowered and ready for melee combat.

The 2nd Royal Rifle Company are the Skirmishers/Snipers of the Regiment! Our goal is to delay their movement, disrupt their attack, and weaken their morale! Our open formations and smaller numbers can give us superior mobility over the regular forces, allowing them to fight on more favorable terms, taking advantage of better position or terrain and quickly withdrawing from any threat of superior enemy forces.


Commanding Officer: 
Artillery Major Spitfire


Commanding Officer: 
1st Lieutenant Canadian

The 1st Ranger Artillery Battery stands proudly as one of Holdfast Best Batteries in the community that competes with Artillery pieces(Rockets, Cannons, Mortars) throughout the week! All are welcome no matter experience and skill to join our Ranks!

The Auxiliary Company is the regiments main source of support. We’re supporting the line, skirmishers and artillery with buffs, heals, and glorious music! In some battles we also get 1 shot in all charges at the end of a round in line battles which can be used to pick off high value targets. Auxiliary has great freedom in battles, giving us the opportunity to assist and socialise with other regiments and make more Holdfast memes than the other companies.

Interested in joining one of our companies?

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