Ranger Command

The members of The Ranger Command are the long serving members of the regiments and have earned the spot of Major for their respective companies. They are the ever presents and they administrate the back end of discord and events.

Colonel Honor

Honor is the leader of our glorious regiment. He is a great friend and person to talk to and is a great leader in line battles. He loves hanging out with his community and getting to know people better. The community that he has made is great, and you can find a new friend quickly, along with asking people to help you get better.

Rifle Major Marcus

Marcus is a great guy to talk to and he knows his company inside and out. He knows the right plays to make at the right time to help you have fun. He is a very chill person and likes to have some non-competitive fun outside of events. He cares about the individuals in his company and gets to the point when leading.

Artillery Major Spitfire

Spitfire heads up the artillery company, and has been loyally serving under command since he joined. He is a great guy to talk to and mess around with. Spitfire has 100% one of the sexiest voices in the regiment. He is a great leader for his position and knows how to help you get better at the game. If you join under his command, you will surely not be disappointed.

Infantry Major Sloff

Sloff is an outstanding member of the community, he is always ready to help infantry members who need it. He is the man to look up to for any infantry member and is an all round great guy. He is an exceptional leader and has an abundance of experience.

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